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how long...

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Original post by aleksi1578
How long it will take to learn c++ that much you can make mmorpg game?


It will depend on your skills, your appetite for knowledge, your devotion to the language itself (yes, it requires devotion). You'll need no less than one or two years to master the basics of C++.

But the main problem in a mmorpg is not the underlaying programming language but the mmorpg itself. It takes a long time to complete, it requires lots of resources - for example internet servers, lots of money, lots of people - because it needs lots of contents.

I strongly encourage you to begin with a smaller project...


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From a completely "non C++" background, it'll take you a VERY long time. Years probably.

You're really talking about 2 very big things: learning a new language AND writing an MMORPG.

Learning basic C++ can be done in a week or two (maybe less), but getting good enough to take on the API's and design challenges involved in an MMORPG will take months. Getting good enough to 'master' the language takes years - I'd doubt there are many people on this forum who could rightly be attributed as "masters" of the language.

Making an MMORPG requires a lot of design (distributed app's are difficult to implement and debug, as well as support [do you have a server?]). Also, for any sort of robust MMORPG you'll probably need to use some hefty API's (even the Win32 GDI/MM/Winsock stuff can be tricky, let alone DirectX) as a prerequisite.

Sorry to sound all negative - but you might well want to narrow your focus down a bit. Unless I've over-assumed on your original question that is... [grin]


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It shouldn't require too much experience if you only want to take part in a team that's developing a commercial MMORPG. With some luck you could be hired to do some entry level things, such as writing custom editors or content scripting, with only a few years of programming experience.
However mastering all aspects of the code required to write such a beast is an entirely different matter..

But then again there are other kinds of MMORPGs that you just might be able to pull off by yourself. Writing a decent MUD should only take tiny a fraction of the time and manpower needed to develop a large commercial MMORPG.

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For a perspective of someone who's actually done it, you may want to check out these articles by the creator of Eternal Lands.
Eternal Lands Postmortem: Part I | Part II

In addition, some more useful articles on MMOG games can be found here:
So you want to make your own MMORPG
and here:
MMOG Considerations

As others have said, it depends largely on you, but will definately take a long time no matter how skilled and dedicated you are. I'd give it a two-year minimum for a respectable quality product, although if you really worked at it you could quite possibly have something up and running sooner.

Also, since from your question I assume you're an absolute beginner, if you havn't read them yet, take a look over For Beginners and the For Beginners Forum FAQ, both of which contain some excellent information and resources for getting started in games development.

Good luck, and remember, don't hesistate to ask any additional questions you have. [smile]

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