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[.net] Zoom In

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I am using C# and was wondering how can you zoom in on a image that is placed in a picture box. i want to be able to click on the image in the picturebox and the position i click at the image centers at that position in the picturebox at the location i clicked at and zooms in. thanks in advance ructions

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An idea might be to do a simple bit of geometry so that depending on

1) the origin of the zoom, ie where it was clicked, or the centr eof the image or whatever
2) zoom factor

you can simply define the new texture coordinates for the surface it is being rendered to and then re-render the texture to the surface.


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To scale an image in a PictureBox:

1)Create a new Bitmap of the desired size.
2)Create a Graphics object on the bitmap.
3)Call DrawImage(image,srcRect,destRect,GraphicsUnit.Pixel) on the graphics object, where the srcRect is the area to zoom and the destRect is the target bitmap's size.
4)Set the PictureBox.Image to new bitmap.

To figure out your srcRect try something like this (psudocode):

//apply a zoom factor
srcRect.Width = viewArea.Width * (1/zoomFactor);
srcRect.Height = viewArea.Height * (1/zoomFactor);
//center it to the mouse
srcRect.X = srcRect.Width/2 + mouse.X;
srcRect.Y = srcRect.Height/2 + mouse.Y;

hope this helps.

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