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Has the meaning of set vertex shader changed between DirectX8 and DirectX9? I have some sample code which uses DirectX8 that seems to supply to SetVertexShader an FVF declaration. I thought that SetFVF would have been used? Here is the code:

// Vertex definition
struct Vertex
     FLOAT x, y, z;
     FLOAT tu, tv;

     enum FVF
          FVF_Flags = D3DFVF_XYZ | D3DFVF_TEX1

Thanks for any help guys. Mark Coleman

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Yes, it has changed.

In DX8 vertex shaders were referred to by a HANDLE value, which is what you passed to SetVertexShader(). As it was simply numerical D3D obviously had some way of figuring out if you passed it a shader handle or just an FVF code, which was also legal.

As of DX9 verex shaders are interface classes of their own, so SetVertexShader() takes a class pointer as it's parameter, thus no longer accepting FVF codes. To set an FVF code you have to now do this:


Which will then use the fixed function pipeline.

EDIT: as for you wondering why SetFVF() wouldn't have been used - well, it wasn't around in the days of DX8, it was introduced with DX9.


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