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Sir Sapo

Finished First Game

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We just finished our first game. We already posted an earlier version of this game but now we have added many features. If it runs fast on your computer, check the Read Me file for help tips. Here it is:

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I don't know if its Partisan, my computer or its just me, but icons are changing! cool! (in the Partisan 2.0 directory. it changes after every time i play/quit the game. Edit: I don't get it this time, it must be my computer.)
Now, the Goodies: Nice game! I like it, good job!
But now the things to improve in Partisan:
-Make the menu to be used with Buttons, and not in Keyboard (or both).
It is simple, lets say that Button1 is:
[x,y] [a,b]
[q,w] [n,m]
And if the mouse has clicked in a position (p) that is:
p.x>=x && p.y<=y && p.x<=a && p.y<=b &&
p.x>=w && p.y>=q && p.x<=n && p.y>=m
(correct me if im wrong, but im sure its something like that)
Then the gamer clicked on Button1.
-Levels. you know, background "ground"s, powerups, more enemies..
or it was designed to be simple and classic?


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Yeah, we were going to have buttons, but we figured the current menu got the job done for now. As for other levels, It is not very well designed, so a new level would take a long time to get running. But our next Project has a GUI Level Editor, so we have made progress. Anyways thanks for the kind words.

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