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after collision( how to calculate my next move)

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im having a terrible time dealing with what to do after collisions. heres the current suituation. i have a bounding sphere around my charachter. i have an AABB around each wall. i am using this line to move my charachter along the x axis :
device.Transform.World = Matrix.Translation(transV);
transV is a vector, the x value of which is simple incremented each frame.this line is in thte Draw() method of my charachter class.i have a strong feeling that translating the world matrix by a vector is very wrong but im not sure what else to do. now, i can detect when a collision has occoured, but how to do anything after this is causing great problems. to begin with i would like to make the charachter simply turn until it is not colliding with the wall, and then go ahead in a straight line until it hits another wall, and do the same. when i hit the wall, i have the center of my bounding sphere, the maxPoints and minPoints of the bounding box.how do i work with theese to allow my charachter to turn when colided with and continue moving when no longer coliding? what im really asking, is how do i create a vector or a matrix that changes the direction after a collision? i know i have posted on this a few hours ago, but i dont think the question was very well put and i think its phrased better here.

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