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const at the end of function

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// Array subscripting.
Real &operator[](int i);
const Real &operator[](int i) const;
Lately I've been seeing this use alot and have been wondering what does the const at the end of the function means? I got this code from a Matrix class library and was wondering...

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Const member functions can be called on const objects. They cannot modify non-mutable members.

class Foo
void a();
void b() const;

Foo f1;
const Foo f2;

f1.a(); // OK
f1.b(); // OK
f2.a(); // Won't compile
f2.b(); // OK

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Are you sure that's right Fruny? I thought that a const function was just one that didn't alter it's object; irrespective of whether it's a const object.

That's why you can write accessors as:

int GetData() const {return data;}


Edit : nope, you're right, your example doesn't compile. I guess it's an aspect I hadn't considered (and my example falls within your example anyway, as f1.b);

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My understanding is this:
a non-static class member function has an implicit 'this' parameter.
So a function in 'myclass' defined as
int myclass::foobar(int &x)
is compiled as if it were like this
int foobar(myclass *this, int &x)
Now say you wanted to make 'x' constant you would write it like this:
int myclass::foobar(const int &x)
But what if you wanted to make the implicit 'this' pointer const? Well, that is exactly what putting const on the end does!
Effectively this:
int foobar(const myclass *this, int &x)

I hope that makes sense.

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