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[web] [PHP] fopen(): Special requirements for external file? [RESOLVED]

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Resolved: Turns out it's a problem with authentication, as it works if I duplicate the HTML of the page and point the URL to that.
Having taken over an existing website, we've moved it to our hosting - but have run into a few problems. We're running an oldish version of PHP (4.1 - argh!) but seem to have ironed out the bulk of issues. One script that is puzzling me is one that reads a feed and dumps down the data. Fair enough, it loads this page. Or rather, it doesn't. When fopen($url, "r"); tries to read the file it doesn't return a pointer to the stream as it should. The URL is correct... so this is where I need help. Do I need to set up something to allow PHP to access external files? The script is:
		//Open the file
		$handle = @fopen($this->url,"r"); 
		if (!$handle) {
			echo "Could not create pointer to stream... bailing out.<br />";
If I "un-@" the fopen() command, I get this cryptic error: Warning: fopen("http://www.futuresource.com/iFS/quotes.asp?cID=SFSIS&symbols=lfty,daxy,spy,nqy,ty1-,gc1-,fxbpusmul,fxeuusmul,fxussfmul,fxusjymul&title=General", "r") - Success in /includes/grab_class.php on line 88 It warns me that it was successful? Huh? EDIT: Ah. If you copy-paste the URL it works... if you click the link in my post, you get access denied. Possibly related..? But surely if not, I'd get a pointer to the stream that contained the "Access Denied" message? [Edited by - benryves on January 6, 2005 6:09:27 AM]

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