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Photoshop CS - Reduced colors problem

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I've got a scene I rendered in 3ds max. It's a planet. The shading in the rendering itself is absolutely perfect. This is confirmed when I save the rendered frame as a true-color bitmap and view it with ACDSee. Looks perfect. (Edited 05/Jan/06 4:35 pm) When I open the image in Photoshop CS, the colors are reduced, such that there's very slight but noticeable banding. My first inclination was to examine the color settings --- I leave color management off, but I thought I should check anyway. The problem appears to originate with the RGB working space, which is set to "Monitor RGB - HP mx703 Color Monitor" --- my monitor make and model. Changing this to other settings gives various results, but there appears to be banding in most cases, and in other cases the colors are so heavily distorted that they are unsuitable for precision editing. Either way, it never gives me what I want: original, vibrant colors. Is there a way to completely disable color management/correction and view the image exactly as it should appear in its original form? Please keep in mind that the image file itself is saved properly. (I've tried JPG, BMP, TGA, and PNG format with color depths up to 16 bits per channel with pre-multiplied alpha. It always looks perfect in ACDSee and crappy in Photoshop.) Thanks in advance for your help.

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