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OpenGL gradient

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I'm drawing a rectangle like this:
      glColor4f(color1.r / 255.0, color1.g / 255.0, color1.b / 255.0, color1.a / 255.0);
      glVertex3d(x2, h - y1, 1);
      glColor4f(color2.r / 255.0, color2.g / 255.0, color2.b / 255.0, color2.a / 255.0);
      glVertex3d(x1, h - y1, 1);
      glColor4f(color3.r / 255.0, color3.g / 255.0, color3.b / 255.0, color3.a / 255.0);
      glVertex3d(x1, h - y2, 1);
      glColor4f(color4.r / 255.0, color4.g / 255.0, color4.b / 255.0, color4.a / 255.0);
      glVertex3d(x2, h - y2, 1);
I expected every corner of the rectangle would have another color (see, there's color1, color2, color3 and color4), but it doesn't work: instead, the whole rectangle has color4. What is it supposed to do? In the nehe tutorials, it works for the triangle with blue, red and green corners... Before drawing the rectangle, I already do the following OpenGL commands (It's a 2D engine btw):
    glClearColor(0, 0, 0, 0);
    glViewport(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight);
    glOrtho(0, screenWidth, 0, screenHeight, -1024, 1024);   


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Should be GL_SMOOTH if you want smooth shading. When using flat shading, the color that was current when the primitive was completed is the color that is used for rendering. In your case, color4 was the current color when the fourth vertex formed a complete quad.

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Original post by Lode

You'll want to use GL_SMOOTH, since the flat shading model doesn't use interpolated colours.

Edit: Beaten by 31 seconds. Grah. ;)

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