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Skinning meshes (.x files and MAYA)

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Okay, didn't know which forum to post this into, but since it's my first post, figured the newbie one might suit me just fine. Anyway, I'm trying to get my head wrapped around using skinned meshes and creating them using MAYA. I've been working through the directX SDK sample on using a skined mesh, and for what is there I seem to understand it all right. And I've gotten the .x exporter for MAYA. My problem is I don't have any idea how to tell MAYA what I want the animation to be. I set up my skeleton structure and create a wonderfull (well crappy really but...) animation of my character walking. I then try to export it to a .x file and load it into that same SDK sample. It just renders all the posses at once. When I look at the text for the .x file it doesn't have any animation information in it. (I'm not really seeing where it's putting the multiple meshes but.....) Okay, to my real questions. 1: Does anyone know of a .x file IMPORTER for MAYA. Maybe seeing this in reverse would give me a good idea of what I need to set up. 2: Even better, has anyone seen or heard of a tutorial on this problem. i.e. The whole process of doing the skinned meshes, from creating the geometry to setting up the animation to loading it in directx, to rendering it? probably not, but it would be ever so helpfull. Thanks in advance for any helpfull thoughts and whatnot. Rob.

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