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vertex declarations and alpha blending

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this is a two part question relating to terrain engines status: -my terrain engine is using 17x17 vert patches, for frustum culling reasons -the patches are organized into chunks of 4x4 patches, using a shared vertex chunk vertex buffer, to minimize wasted memory due to buffer ovelapping, but each patch has its own index buffer -max terrain size is 1024*1024 vertices (not dimensions) -terrain uses splatting, up to 16 layers for the entire terrain (will try to make it 8 layers per chunk), by alpha mapping a detail texture through an alpha texture that is calculated from a detail map. each layer is its own render pass. to maximize render speed, each patch checks its region in the layermaps to determine in which layers it should render itself. questions: to save some memory, can i generate one layermap and detailmap set of u-v coords, and a vertex declaration that reuses that same set for tex0 - tex7 by setting that vertex buffer to stream 1,2,3, or 4? also to save some extra memory, can i load 4 layermaps int one 32bit (8a8r8g8b) texture and use the different color components for each detail? (i know that this can easily be done using a pixel shader, but i want to implement it for some older cards) thx caesar

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