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Test my program

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Hi, if you are interested i testing my program, read on. I'm beeing told that my D3D program is causing trouble on Nvidia cards (actually, a few people already tested and it ran fine), but runs fine on ATI. I uploaded it to so if you can test it on your system, I would appreciate it. All you have to do is run it for a couple of minutes. No need to interact with it. It requires DX9c, Pentium 2 or above, 32 MB ram, GPU that supports DX9 is useful but not absolutly required. The person who says it is crashing has a FX 5200 which I don't have access to. His driver is 66.93 If you can test it even if you don't have a FX 5200, it would be good to know it's running OK. I already tested on an old Gf2 with 66.93 and it runs perfectly fine, except it can't do the vertex shader part, but that doesn't matter. Thanks

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Hi and thanks for testing. I appreciate it.

The possible problem area was dynamic vertex buffers.
I change the transparency of the diffuse color (when you saw the white stickman figure changing transparency)

Also there is CPU based keyframe animation, and also vertex shader, but you probably did not test that.

After discussing with the person who is experiencing the crashes, it seems the problem is the EXE he is compiling. I think he is using VC++.NET
I'm using VC++6

BTW, what hw did you run it on? video card + drivers?

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