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Simple mesh rotation problem

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Hi all, I am having trouble getting a mesh to rotate correctly. I have a demo where the camera can rotate around the mesh freely. What I would like is that when the user presses the up arrow, the mesh will rotate into the screen. Currently I am using this:
				Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3 Tmp = this.Mod_Array[1].ROTATION;
				this.Mod_Array[1].ROTATION = Tmp;
Where Mod_Array[1].ROTATION is the vector holding all the rotation values m_Camera.VectorRIGHT is the vector pointing to the right of the screen (calculated from camera view, and position cross) I thought that theorectically this should work. When rotating into the screen you need to turn along the axis represented by a vector running directly across the screen. However, what happens is that the rotation angle does not change, i.e. to start with the model does rotate into the screen, if I move the camera around to the left 90 degrees, instead of rotating into the screen, it now rotates left, i.e. the axis has not changed. I am definately updating the vectorRIGHT to respond to camera movements, so it is always up to date. Here is the code for generating the mesh matrix
Microsoft.DirectX.Quaternion qRot;
			Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3 RadianRot;
			RadianRot.X = (float)System.Math.PI * this.m_VecRot.X/180;
			RadianRot.Y = (float)System.Math.PI * this.m_VecRot.Y/180;
			RadianRot.Z = (float)System.Math.PI * this.m_VecRot.Z/180;

			qRot = Microsoft.DirectX.Quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(RadianRot.X,RadianRot.Y,RadianRot.Z);
			Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix RotMatrix = Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix.Identity;
			RotMatrix.AffineTransformation(1.0f,this.m_ActualCenter,qRot,new Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3(0,0,0));

			return RotMatrix;
I have searched the internet for help on rotation, but haven't found anything that suggests why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers DRB2k2

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I thought that I could create a quaternion on the right vector axis, and rotate it by a certain amount, then build a rotation matrix from this, and apply it to the current rotation vector like this:

Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3 Tmp = this.Mod_Array[1].ROTATION;
Quaternion q = new Quaternion(0f,0f,0f,0f);

Matrix mat = Matrix.Identity;
this.Mod_Array[1].ROTATION = Tmp;

However this doesn't work either. The model just starts flipping around on the wrong axis, and only in a small amount.

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