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Point sprites using ID3DXSprite

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Right now I have a sprite class that retrieves a sprite interface from the graphics class, with this class I can render sprites to a dimention. So if my dimension was set at 640x480, and the screen is 1280x1024 the sprites would be displayed at 2X the scale to compensate for the screen difference. Now I want to beable to use point sprites and since I have this class I was kind of hoping I could make use of it in the same way. Now I believe that if a flag of D3DXSPRITE_SORT_DEPTH_BACKTOFRONT or D3DXSPRITE_SORT_DEPTH_FRONTTOBACK is supplied to Begin() then it will use the z-buffer to sort all of the quads that are rendered. What I'm wondering is if I supply a z value will it change the scale of the sprites (I'm trying to avoid that)? Here's my current Draw function:
bool cSprite::Draw()
        if(graphics == NULL || texture == NULL)
            return false;
        if(graphics->GetSprite() == NULL)
            return false;

        D3DXMATRIX mat;
        float AspectX = graphics->GetWidth() / m_view.x;
        float AspectY = graphics->GetHeight() / m_view.y;

        D3DXVECTOR2 tempcenter((m_center.x * AspectX), (m_center.y * AspectY));
        D3DXVECTOR2 temptranslation((m_position.x * AspectX), (m_position.y * AspectY));    
        D3DXVECTOR2 tempscale((m_scale.x * AspectX), (m_scale.y * AspectY));


        return SUCCEEDED(graphics->GetSprite()->Draw(texture->GetTexture(), &pSrcRect, NULL, NULL, m_colour));

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