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SQL cmd

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SELECT username FROM users WHERE username=genjix
how can i get this to just simply output the first match (i.e just see if any users have username genjix)?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
you should always use COUNT() for these kind of queries like

select COUNT(*) from users
WHERE username='genjix';

and then simply check if the returned value is > 0. this will normally give you the best performance.

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I'm guessing you are trying to figure out if some users have the same username?

To simply determine if the username is already being used do this
if exists (SELECT username FROM users WHERE username=genjix)
select 1
select 0

You can also simply get the count
select count(*) username from users where username=genjix
If 0 then it's not being used. If > 1 then you've got multiple people with the same name.

Are usernames unique in your database? If so then your original query will also return the first one it finds because it will be the only one.

Hope this helps,

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