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[java] Render to BufferdImage?

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I am searching for a method to quickly visualise my scene, to set the camera right etc., before starting to render it (takes a few seconds to minutes). Currently i'm using a downtuned version of my "quality" renderer but I thought about switching to some kind of wireframe renderer. I tried implementing a basic wireframerenderer in software but framerates get rather low (i.e. 10-20 FPS) when i'm around 35k triangles. So I was thinking about using JOGL/Java3D to improve performance. Currently I'm displaying everything by directly modifying the data of a BufferedImage and then drawing this to the JFrame's Graphics Object. I was wondering if it is possible to render an Image with JOGL (or something else) to a BufferedImage or something else I can easely display in my JFrame? What kind of "representation" do I need of my triangles? (i.e. all in a long list, special structure)? And last but not least what performance can I expect (#triangles visible while maintaining a decent framerate) on a modern graphics card? EDIT: I've just done some reading about JOGL and it seems like it just draws to some kind of Component (that can be added to a JFrame). So how can I "turn this Component on" and "turn it off" so I can draw to the JFrame's Graphics (i.e. myJFrame.getGraphics()) myself? Note: I honestly don't know alot about OpenGL/DX but I have programmed a small software rasterizer in the past. [Edited by - Lotuspec on January 9, 2005 4:51:57 AM]

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