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Text background in a console window

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I can't believe i wrote such a silly post. I was really tired... ;)

What i wish to do is set different backgrounds for some chars in a c++ console app. It it possible to change the colour using iostream or do i have to use stdio (and how)?

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here for some reason i cant find the page anymore but this is the source for the tutorial i found for my self

// //
// - "Talk to me like I'm a 3 year old!" Programming Lessons - //
// //
// $Author: Ben Humphrey digiben@gametutorials.com //
// //
// $Program: ColorText //
// //
// $Description: Displays Color Text in a Console Window. //
// //
// $Date: 6/22/00 //
// //

#include <iostream> // Include the standard
#include <windows.h> // We need to include this for "console" functions.
#include <string> // Allows us to use the "string" type
#include <stdlib.h>
using namespace std; // Use the standard namespace (blah blah, not important to understand right now)

// Here is our function that draw's a color string in a DOS window.
// We just pass in the string, the X and Y position, then the color we desire.
// The color can be a background color AND a foreground color. Here are some color examples:
// You can mix and match these to create other colors. Look in "Main()" to see how.
void DrawColorString(string szText, int X, int Y, WORD color)
HANDLE OutputH; // This will be used for our handle to the output (basically, holds permission to change the output settings)
COORD position = {X, Y}; // Create a COORD and set it's x and y to the X and Y passed in.

OutputH = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE); // Get a OUTPUT handle to our screen.

SetConsoleTextAttribute(OutputH, color); // Set the text attribute to what ever color that was passed in.
// The function SetConsoleTextAttribute takes (the handle to the output, and the color);
SetConsoleCursorPosition(OutputH, position); // Set the cursor position to the desire position passed in.

cout << szText; // Now print out what we wanted to at the position that was passed in.


int main() // Here is our main().
DrawColorString("Red", 0, 0, FOREGROUND_RED); // Draw "Red" in the color RED. Draw "White" in the color WHITE. If we OR ("|") the colors together, it becomes white.
DrawColorString("Blue", 20, 2, FOREGROUND_BLUE); // Draw "Blue" in the color BLUE.

DrawColorString("Red", 0, 4, BACKGROUND_RED); // Draw "Red" with a background of RED. Draw "White" with a background of WHITE.
DrawColorString("Blue", 20, 6, BACKGROUND_BLUE); // Draw "Blue" with a background of BLUE.
// Draw a Red text color with a green background.
DrawColorString("Color Text!", 0, 8, FOREGROUND_RED | BACKGROUND_GREEN);
// This puts the "Press any key to continue..." on the next line.
return 0;
} // End of the program

// *Quick Note*
// The "|" is a binary OR. I won't explain what that really does, except that it
// allows you to "mix" colors. Just like in paint. If you mix 2 colors, it
// Changes to another color. Also, you can OR background and foreground colors together.
// There is another thing, you can OR a FOREGROUND_INTENSITY and/or a BACKGROUND_INTENSITY
// together. Those just make the colors brighter. Like:
// (FOREGROUND_RED | FOREGROUND_INTENSITY) will make a brighter red.

// There's color for ya. The next tutorial will focus on a "screen buffer".
// This will allow use to draw things to the screen in one swoop, rather than character by character.
// If any of this is unclear, email me at digiben@gametutorials.com.
// I will be more than happy to write a program to explain it if needs be.

// © 2001 GameTutorials

hope this helps it is displayed exactly how it is in the source file i have and i ran it to make sure it works

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