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My site is almost done, please check it out and give me some feedback. http://www.geocities.com/samony30/ ~JR~

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Site too blue for me
Button rollovers too bright
Cld do with little icons or something instead of just lines
Don't like having to keep closing yahoo advertisment

just me though :)

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I have to agree with Evelyn, too blue, especially when the links also are blue you almost can't read them. The font in the menu are pretty hard to read, some of them i couldn't read at all and the fonts are different sizes, for example Interactive are bigger than downloads. When you take your mouse cursor over the buttons they gets white which really is annoying, you should choose a color close to the normal(blue) one. When you press funny pictures the look changes, it'll probarbly be nicer with the same look all over the website and btw the links to the funny pictures doesn't work.
In your logo you say "bordompalace.cjb.net", but that site doesn't work.

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Ok, the other guys are right.. it is too blue. Few suggestions;

1) Find a font size, colour and style that is easier to read.
- Font style; I suggest something like arial, tahoma, verdana
even though everything is an image at the moment so you don't
have to worry about the font, it is still difficult to read.
- Font colour; With one of the aforementioned fonts, a light yellow;
#ffff80 would probably work.
- Font size; well I use pixel size rather than point size, but something
like a 10pt would probably work.

2) Layout

Your navigation doesn't follow any set rules, you make it look like
some sort of UML diagram, which is confusing.

Like the last guy said, you need to bring a cohesive look to the site.
You can't make two pages look completely different.

3) Links

Always try and make links obvious to those who are going to use the site.
People tell me that I should design a site 'in this way' or 'in that way'
But the way I try to design is in a way that the users I aim the site at
would use it.

I hope that my points don't seem to critical. If you require any further web design critique, may I suggest http://www.htmlforums.com

They are much more concentrated on how your site works as opposed to the content.

Also, I just tried your Gameboy Roms / Emulators link and I get redirected to E-Bay. If this was a feature in the past (noting the 2001 postings) maybe you should get rid of it. Also, if you do actually feature ROMS at all, don't forget to cover your own back and hold a disclaimer, oh.. and OWN all the games you list.

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