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Power Render 6 Alpha 6

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Power Render 6 Alpha 6 has been released to licensed users. - Fixed bug with character attachment matrices - Modified character attachments to support attachments with multiple segments - Fixed bug in PRO loader release build, wasn't initializing loader variables to 0 - Added Terrain->SetMaterial function so you can load materials before terrain - Changed CharacterEntity->InitateMotion function to allow animation queuing, looping, and speed control. - Fixed bug in entity names when using AddInstance. - Fixed bug in terrain example, not setting detail texture stage to 1 - Utility classes for upcoming scene graph class (RenderQueue, RenderElement) - Changed #defines to constants - Fixed bug in particles where default scale was 0 instead 1.0 - Fixed Reflective water (no bump) rendering in game engine - Ported CHR Edit event editor - Modified meshes with tangent space information to use D3DXMESH internally, and calls D3D function to compute tangents - Initialized shader constants to 0 in constructor - Fixed bug which made objects use more triangles than needed during conversion to D3D pipeline - Added LIBEDIT tool PRO Edit Changes: - Changed loading and changing textures to strip off pathnames automatically if local - Closed all windows when new scene - Changed maximum texture stages to 16 for newer cards - When you cancel picking a shader it now removes the shader from a material (there was no way to remove it before) - Changed rotation inertia speed - Fixed grid flickering bug - Added Normal Map and Specular Bump wizards - Fixed bug in material wizards, textures getting swapped

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