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Font Engine - Need assistance pls!

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I''ve been using GDI for displaying in-game information and statistics for some time, but as it''s painfully slow I think it''s about time to make a font engine myself... Haven''t been doing any coding as of yet, only some very basic planning... What I have in mind is using an offscreen surface holding a-z and 0-9 characters, and having a function looping through the string blitting the characters one after another using DirectX... I don''t have a problem with normal text strings, but when it comes to displaying score and such I have no idea how to make it happen... Yet! In a text string i can just use "Switch (Current_Character), Case ´a´: Source_Cords_To_Blit_From = xy_Values_For_A_In_Bitmap and so on... Is it possible to loop through int stored values the same way as char[] strings? Any other better approach to determine which digit in turn? I think I''ve seen some Windows function calls somewhere combining text and numerals, can''t remember where though... Thanks in advance!

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Just create one string containing the complete output character list and draw that.

Either use a CStream in C++, or write a printf()-like function in C, this is fairly easy:
void MyPrintf(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 p_pDDSurface,
int p_nX, int p_nY, char *p_pszText, ...) {
char l_pszText[1024];
va_list l_CList;
int l_nPos;
char l_nChar;

// Expand the format string

va_start(l_CList, p_pszText);
vsprintf(l_pszText, p_pszText, l_CList);

l_nPos = 0;
while(l_nChar = l_pszText[l_nPos++]) {
// Blit l_nChar at p_nX, p_nY
// increase p_nX by char''s width



If you, say, call the function like this
MyPrintf(lpDD, 10, 10, "Player: %s | Score: %i", pszPlayerName, nScore);
Inside the function, l_pszText will read "Player: Me | Score 123" - you''ve got a single string containing all the text and numbers in order.

There''s also sprintf() which is like printf(), it just prints into a string instead to the screen (stdout). And there are conversion functions like itoa() atoi() (int to asciiz, asciiz to int) ftoa() ultoa(), etc.


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vsprintf?! Argh..I wish I hadn''t come across this thread! Some time ago I wrote my own version of that very function, not knowing there already was one! *sigh* It even supported most of the format specifiers that vsprintf does and some new too..like %b for binary output hehe. Anyways, seeing that there''s a function to do the same job as mine I think I''ll have to go change it..even though mine was a bit faster with medium and long "formatings" .

Until later..I''m off to bang my head against the wall and erase two hundred lines of code .

"Paranoia is the belief in a hidden order behind the visible." - Anonymous

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