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I can't use D3DUtils. Why not? At the start of my program I define d3d_overloads, and #include d3dutils, but I get errors. When you define d3d_overloads you are supposed to get the option of an alternative from of access to the members of a matrix (among other things) ie instead of typing m._12 you can just use m(1,2). Instead, when I use d3d_overloads, I loose the ability to access members of d3dmatrices using the m._12 method. Which is unfortunate since d3dutils uses the m._12 method. You see where I'm coming from? Has anyone had a similar problem, or does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Tim If I was a garden I would bloom in black - Nowhere to Run Edited by - timgradwell on 10/29/00 6:50:32 AM

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