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Hi I was just wondering (like every one that wants in the biz) Whats the best course to get a job. What tools do i need to know. What classes... and is there another Major that is accepted in game design positions other then Comp Sci? I''ve been on the hunt since my senior year in H.S. and well when the counciler asked me what i was intrested in i got a very blank stare. then i was promptly told to check the job database. Well i looked at the monochromed pet computer in all its tape drive glory and thought... Crap. well here i am about a year later and im at a stand still on what to do. I have an over productive imagination, a Enthuasim for games that was fired up and never subsided since i picked up my 1st atari control pad, and a feeling that i need to be a part of what i love. I have a nac for photography and design. dont know if that helps. I took some Visual basic, im thinking about taking a C++ class, oh and from my VB experiance i found out that User interfaces intrigue me.... i dont know just something about them i find interesting. Well any help that you give me is much appreciated. P.S. Will pour coffee and other meanial tasks to gain a foot hold and exp in the field I want to see my dreams, Thoughts, and nightmares.

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Original post by Flak_Happy

I have a nac for photography and design.

You have a knack for photography? May I shamelessly plug my photo gallery. I have found photography has been invaluable to understanding the world which in turn is invaluable to game developers. Photography helps you tune into the subtle nuances of the land. As a photographer you see texture, light, and form. You are sensitive to composition and perspective. Photography forces you to understand the quality of light and how it varies with time of day and weather.

Have you tried large format photography? Large format photography uses a 4" x 5" or bigger size negative. If you aren't familiar with large format cameras, they are the ones with the accordian type bellows and the focusing cloth the photographer places over his head as he compose the image. Large format work places an even stronger emphasis on composition and texture. It also teaches you about parallax and view frustums, components of computer graphics.

As for other interests or skills that I believe could be valuable to game design how about:

An appreciation of all types of fiction
Math (Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry)
Exploration of the world around you (photography helps with this)

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