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[java] Java Jobs

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I''m fairly new to Java, and I''m trying to escape the whole java-script concept (once upon a time I thought Java was only good for webpages). I was wondering what type of Java programs are mostly created by businesses and corporations?

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Heres my story: Im 18, almost out of highschool. I programmed (or at least tried to) games in C++ since I was 15. I took a C++ class at my school last year to get to the AP test. I helped the daughter of my soon-to-be boss a lot in class. He saw some of the code I wrote, and what I thought of the code she was writting (sphegetti) and he decided to hire me.

Now I write Java Servlets for his company. Java servlets are java classes that extend the HttpServlet class. Basically they are little programs that the web server runs when it gets a request, it does all it''s processing, and spits back a response. For example, I usually have to look up information in an oracle database, format it, and send it back.

You should know these are all server-side things. It''s all transparent to the user, no applets, no downloading plugins, just plain http (well https).

This is what I think java is good for. Amazon.com use to use .cgi/perl, but has now (or maybe is in the future I dunno) using java servlets. You get the rich and robust libararies that come with java, plus lots of flexibility. CGI would probably be better for something simple though.

My boss occasionally writes utilitary programs for our own internal use. He always writes those in plain C.

Umm java.sun.com for more info


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Original post by oWen

I''m fairly new to Java, and I''m trying to escape the whole java-script concept (once upon a time I thought Java was only good for webpages).

Please don''t compare Java and java-script. They have nothing to do with each other except for the name and few identical things in the syntax. They are made for widely different purposes and has very different properties. Sun has after given the permission to that name proclaimed that they regret doing so because the two names has caused a lot of confusion.

java-script is invented by Netscape and Java is invented by Sun Microsystems.

java-script is source code interpreted in the web page to make form elements (or other elements) interact on a web page while Java can be used on web pages to make applets which are programs run in a box on the web page. Java applets are are compiled beforehand to bytecode and this is interpreted at run time. And of course java can be used outside the web two while java-script cannot (except that like Java has servlets java-script has Netscape java-script servers that can run java-script on a server).

java-script is great for making form validation and suchg things but it does not support essential object oriented concepts (as far as I remember you can''t define a class - but I am not sure about this) and are generally not suited for larger programs (lack of packages spring to mind). Another thing to note is that java-script has weak type checking meaning that types are checked at run time.

Jacob Marner

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I''ve been contracted by a few companies to do Java stuff for them, mostly it was some simple applet that simulated there product or a web widget. Now I''m working on a streaming java web cam for another company so they can monitor their buisness (place of work) from anywhere ie. from a web browser.

However I''m not a professional programmer, I''m still a student (high school) and I got my contracts because I knew/know people at the companies who contracted me.


I feel like a kid in some kind of store...

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Thanks for the input, and I also want to clarify that I do know the difference between Java and java-script.

I read an article on itcareers.com that said Java programmers are more in demand then C/C++ programmers, so I wanted to know what type of programmers these people were making.

Thanks again,

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Not sure if you''re still interested in another answer to your question - I haven''t been keeping up with the board for ages, so I''m a bit late in answering.

I''ve been developing in Java since 1996 now (3 of those years being paid for it, rather than just mucking around).

Some of the projects I''ve been involved in are:

- intranet/maintenance tools

- dynamic site generation - in other words replacing CGIs with servlets, to deliver e-commerce websites

- an Oracle-driven forum (similar to this one actually).

- Games (for a major UK TV/New Media company). Quiz games with simple animation. Content management tools as well.

- An internet/extranet application for an appliance/manufacturing company in New Zealand

And currently, I''m working for an investment bank in London developing a trading & securities application (using Java Servlets, EJBs, and Sybase)

That''s not the full list, but I hope that gives you some idea of the kind of work that''s available.


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Here is my story:

I''m 18 years old, programming since i had my first computer, and always wanted to be a programmer

So i decided to go to a Information Technology school. They said there would be a lot of programming in there, but the fact was that all the programming they would give in the whole 4 years, would be Pascal and C++.

Both Languages i already knew. So i got free from the lessons i so desperatly wanted.

Now, after 2 years of nothing to learn there, i quited school (i got 18) and took a job, which someone else in my room also had, only a half year before me. Now i''m working together with him, doing Java Java is cool!

I also get my MBO & HBO diploma (School-diploma''s for the netherlands...) payed by the company. Also certificates like Sun certified Java programmer, and more stuff like that. I have to learn for it, but i like to learn for it! (It gives me a raise!)


icq# 10251921

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I''m also a student at TEI of Athens, studying electronics. However i''m also a working man, and i''ve been asked to develop various things.

What i''ve been asked to build with Java is games which run on web-sites.

Personally speaking i HATE Java. Its quite slow, and when making games, this counts a lot. Also, the rendering code SUN provides sux. Only lately with the OpenGL support things start to work right. ''Cause if you chose to code games as java applets, using the traditional drawImage, etc... the old DOS times will come in mind... however, DOS old times withought the use of ASM or even simple DMA SUCKS!!!

And the other (more general) thing i hate about Java is that you have to remember all of those classes, etc.... ''cause the lack of DMA and speed force you to use all that generic used crap all the time.....

just my personal point of view...
And remember.... there''s a GREATE shortage of programmers out there... and it is meant to be for the many many years to come...
Everyone can just do flash.... but not everyone can do C/C++, ASM, OS (Kernel level) development

c ''ya around.

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