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OpenGL Fluid Bodies / Shader Business

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Hiya guys, wondered if anyone ever tried to recreate an abyss like effect (not a real water sculpture tho), thus ie. adding a fluid surface onto a model. In order to apply such a 'water skin' (or ie. liquid glass) over a given model, I thought of adding some 2nd mesh over the original model. Then implementing a vertex shader with some random/sine rippling by offsetting the vertices of this 2nd 'skin' (so no physical wave simulation). Afterwards, basically implementing the reflection and refraction of this displaced surface through further vertex shading (env cube mapping... etc.), maybe some glow or whatever in a ps as finish. That's where I'm stuck (I don't even know whether the general idea 'works'), I've seen some demos on simulating glass, but they were all opengl without any documentation. I only know d3d unfortunately. Could anyone point me to some paper explaining glass shaders, and if available, a d3d implementation? Thanks a lot!

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