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clamp UV

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It clamps texture coordinats (sometimes called u and v) to [0,1] range.
A few examples for 2D coordinats:

(1.0,4.1) => (1.0,1.0)
(-0.2,0.4) => (0.0,0.4)
(-0.2,2.3) => (0.0,0.0)

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If you're thinking of Clamp UV as in a rendering state setting, it might be better to think of clamping as controlling how the texture color (texel) is looked up, rather than modifying the coordinates.

Clamping texture modes cause the pixels at the edge of the texture to be used when the texture coordinates "run off the edge". So if you are drawing something with a texture that has green at the right edge, and you use texture coordinates with U > 1, the color that will be used will be green no matter what U or V is (as long as U > 1).

There are other modes like tile, reflect, and border color, but clamp and tile (which wraps around to the other edge of the texture) are most common.

Of course you could be talking about a 3d program which actually modifies the UV coordinates also; what I said above just applies to 3d APIs like GL and D3D.

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