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Switching launguage/engine, Which one is best for:

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I'm thinking of switching the launguage or engine that I'm using (Irrlicht 3D on Bloodshed C++) And I need help. Anyway, I need a simple yet result-yeilding engine or language for a project my team and I are starting on. The engine or language need to be able to support .obj models with either .dds or .bmp textures. I also need to control certain AI, physics, and item options manually. Also, it needs to [u]support[/u] (not do for us) animations, AI, NETWORKING (A big need), and interactions between characters and/or objects. So basically, I need something that can help with the basic elements of the code. My team and I can do AI, weapons, and all the other object stuff. (AND NO, I am not asking for something to do the work for me... just something simple, yet productive. And FREE) Any ideas where I can find a list of engines that are fairly simple and can support the specifications?

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