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Hi all, I was wondering. In Visual Basic .NET, If i want to desplay info, then after a certian event, clear that screen and have an new one with new stuff on it, how would i do that? If you don't understand what I mean just post so

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If it's just a text box you build up a string with the new text and then, when it's complete, set the text box text equal to the temporary string. You don't clear and then create the new string.

Same with graphics. You use a temporary surface to hold the new graphics and then when done, set the main graphics window equal to the temporary surface.

It's called "double buffering"

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If what you're wanting to do is what I think you're wanting to do, you have 2 options, you can either put all of your crap onto the form and just hide everything that isn't on the current 'page', or make your app's page flipping function create code sort of like the stuff that's in the startup handler [I haven't used in a while, but the stuff that says 'don't touch, generated by form manager' or something, where you have a whole bunch of lines like:

dim mainText as form1.textbox()

and in dispose


copy some of them to your form page flipping thingy, and play around with that and you should be able to easily put pages on your forma.

[best method?]
Alternatively, put all of your form's datas inside different rectangle controls or something and just unhide the current page... That'd probably be easiest and best.
[/best method?]

Ok, a bit ranty, but I hope it helps.

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