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What is VB.NET's newline keyword?

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Actually, if you want C style escape characters:

'simple iterative string processor to convert C style escape sequences (written by Promit Roy)
Public Function EscapeString( Text As String ) As String
Dim Res As String
Dim Arr As Char()
Dim i As Integer

Arr = Text.ToCharArray()

i = 0
Do While i < Arr.Length()
If Arr(i) = "\" Then
'process it
i += 1
Select Case Arr(i)
Case "t"
Res += vbTab
Case "r"
Res += vbCr
Case "n"
Res += vbLf
Case "v"
Res += vbVerticalTab
Case "f"
Res += vbFormFeed
Case "'"
Res += "'"
Case """" 'double quote
Res += """"
Case "b"
Res += vbBack
Case "0"
Res += vbNullChar
Case "a"
Res += Chr( &H7 )
Case "\"
Res += "\"
Case Else
'don't do anything with res
End Select
Res += Arr(i)
End If

i += 1

Return Res
End Function

It's not nearly as powerful as the actual C escape sequences, but provides most of the common escape characters.

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