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Examples of isometric games currently in market

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Hey everyone, I hope you are all fine. I am starting to build serious interest in Isometric engines. Probably my next game will be an isometric one. I am looking for examples for recent and/or famous games built with isometric engines. Can you think of any names? Are there screenshots/demos available? Thanks a lot for your help :)

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Almost every RTS ever built.

Age of Empires is the all time classic ISO game series. It included AOEI,II, and Mythology and AOEIII is in the works for a July 05' release. You can pick AOEI or II up for under $20 new now. AOM may cost a bit more.

All of the Command and Conquer RTS's up to and including Generals. I personally do not like the user controls on Generals and have had a hard time playing it.

One of my favorites was the Sudden Strike I and II series. Real Time Tactical in that there is no civ building or resource gathering.

Most recently you have Axis and Allies, Warhammer, Battle for Middle Earth. I only demo'd the first 2 but Battle for Middle Earth was a great game for game play and unit animation. Your unit experience stayed with you through the course of the campaign making units much more valuable than in most RTS games. Of course Battle was more of a Real Time Tactical game as there is no true resource gathering.

Ultima Online is supposedly ISO but is actually not truly ISO due to the odd camera angles. Great game for it's time.

Stronghold I, and soon to be II. Great games if you like castle building. Peasant management was a chore.

Underrated but awesome game Earth 2150. First (and only that I am aware of) RTS that allowed you to create custom units. As you researched the Tech tree, new weapon, sensors, chassis, and armor types became available which you could use to create your own units in many different configs. There was a sequal to this but I never got to it.

Anno 1502, and 1603. A little older in the genre but fun games none the less.

Settlers I - 400,000 or however many ther have been.

Warcraft 1-3


Outside of the RTS genre there are a few that I can think of:

Neverwinter Nights (great game and moddable. Big drawback for me was limited flexibility in the default single player story line. However the power of this game is in its multiplayer moddability (is this a word?). The ability to Mod this game took the concept to a whole new level. There are some peeps that mod this game and call themselves game designers. That is a stretch but it is an incredibly powerful tool set.

Commandos (I loved the graphics in this series but once again the flexibility in the game flow was so limited. It was almost like a puzzle game in that you could only do things in a VERY specific order for each mission to work.)

Diablo (Did not play)

Dungeon Seige (great game if you are into hack and slash)

Robin Hood (crappy game with nice graphics)

ALso, many sims are ISO.

SIM City 1-2000. Great games for about a week. Then the boredom takes over. These games might actaully have been Top Down, it has been a while.

Railroad Tycoon 1-3. 3 Transitioned to 3D graphics. There were some great features that were added as a result of this. I like RRTII and III tons. I still play III if I am between games.

Roller Coaster Tycoon could be considered ISO. But if I recall, it might have been top down. It has been a very long time.

Man I could go on forever. Obviously my favorite genre is RTS. I can play even the crappiest of these and be happy. With the exception of C & C Generals which I just cannot get over the non standard RTS controls.

Please correct me if I have miscalled any of these.


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Pretty much every RTS (aside from the really old ones like Dune, C&C1 and Warcraft 1, which used an oblique "straight down" projection).

Pretty much every resource management / sim game newer than "Sim City", including pretty much every game with "Tycoon" in its name.

A lot of (particularly older) RPGs including Diablo and Diablo II. I think that Neverwinter Nights uses perspective.

Arcanum (Crappy ISO graphics. Excellent game). Nox (Nox == one of the prettiest ISO games I've ever seen. Rubbish game though)


Old school games, like Populous, Syndicate (But not Syndicate wars. That sucked anyway). UFO: enemy unknown and several of its sequels.

In fact, come to think of it, most of Bullfrog's back-catalogue.

VERY old-skool games, Knightlore and Atic attack (The earliest examples of ISO graphics I know).


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warcraft III is not isometric.

Alpha Centauri(sequal to Civilization II), which was isometric although rendered using 3D graphics, also allowed customized units.

AoM used 3D rendering for it's isometric engine, as well.

If you are looking for a recent title that was immensely commercially successful and used 2D rendering for its isometric view, you won't find one on the PC nor on the big three consoles. The successful isometric games are there, but all use 3D rendering.

There are still commercially successful 2D isometric games on the GBA, however.

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Original post by Talroth
Did you play neverwinter nights? or just seen screen shots?

If you did play, you know, the camera is 3d, and you can change the angles right? :P

They even added skybox support in one of the addons :)

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haven't seen the skyboxes yet. Took me a few days to even learn you can adjust the camera with more than just the arrow keys... RTFM works well.

But we're getting off topic.

But yeah, googling RTS games will likely give you a nice list of Iso games, but not all are Iso as has been said before.

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It is testament to the genius of the graphic artists at Blizzard that so many people think of Starcraft and Diablo II as isometric. They look isometric, but they actually use 32x32 pixel square tiles.

So, would you still call them isometric? I wouldn't.

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A game that is isometric is considered to be isometric based on what the resulting gameplay graphics are. Just because the tiles are 32x32 doesn't mean that the resulting image is not isometric, just that the graphics that were used to make it were square.

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