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Creating a media center system

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Hi everybody, I have got it in my head that I want to create a media PC so I can watch mpegs and what not on my PC. So, I decided that I wanted to use the ASUS DigiMatrix as the basis for the unit ( I really like the unit cuz it has a ton of stuff built in, manly 3 networking interfaces (including wireless, although only 802.11b), video capture, and FM radio. The problem is, I hear that the software for it sux as far as the DVR options are concerned. So, I would like to make my own media center (I wanted to do that anyway, just for fun). My question is, is there anyway to tap into a TV tuner or FM reciever so that I can code those functions myself? I'm uessing it's one of those things that you have to go through the driver to do, but maybe someone knows something I don't. If worse comes to worse, I can just code my system to pull up the ASUS app for those functions,

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assuming you can boot the pc and it runs windows (it seems that it does, though i never used one), you should be able to use directshow to handle any recording or control of the tv/radio tunner. i think microsoft's website has examples on how you would go about creating such an app (the bare bones at least). It should not be too tough.

I know to preview a stream from a capture device, you only need to:

1. init directshow
2. Create a filtergraph.
3. Enumerate the capture devices, and select one
4. Finish rendering the graph using directshows automagic filter connecting

You will have to do a little more work so you can change channels or if you want fullscreen support. You should look up the VMR9 renderer for that (part of directshow). I am sure there is a tuner sample on microsofts website. I know they have plenty of information on pvr type apps, and even have simultanous recording and previewing in directx9 (using directshow) using the streambuffer (i think thats what they call it).

You may want to contact them and make sure that they supply wdm compatible drivers for their video capture and radio tuner. I would guess they do, since they are probably use directshow seeing as they are running win2k or xp on the system. If you can choose, go with winxp since it better support directx9. It should be a good fun implementing your own media center app. good luck

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