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Hey all, I'm new to this world of game programming (although rather experienced programmer, at least I want to believe it ;) ) and was wondering what can I do to speed up the starting phase of development of a game. As far as I learned during the past few weeks, it's almost impossible for a begginer to write a good rendering engine, not to say full-featured Game engine. (In fact it's a big challenge even to experienced team of programmers..) I've encountered a lot of great stuff around the net and that abundance is now just confusing me instead of helping me to decide where to start.. Could somebody please make the things somewhat clearer for me? Let's say we want to make (hypothetically) High quality 3D FirstPerson MMORPG with advanced NPC's AI. So first we don't want to buy some fancy all-in-one Game Engine (I doubt anything like that even exist...) so I've tried to find something free. What i found was this: OGRE - 3D Gaphics Engine (seems to be amazing) ODE - Dynamics Engine OpenSceneGraph - 3D engine (Game engine???) AI - ??? (i don't suppose there's something like AI engine ;)) Scripting - ??? Networking - ??? 3D art work - ??? Other - ??? I've also found lots of other thigs like, Torque (which is not free, though not very expensive either), lots of low-level libraries and engines etc, etc, etc. What is your experience? Is it better take what is already made and simply use it, or go our own way through everything? Thank you very much for your advices and opinions. Yanco

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I think it is really up to you. If you just want to make a game as fast as possibly with the largest probability of success then I would recommend using as much of other peoples work as you can. In the long it will save you time (even taking into account learning the api). But if you think that in one section there isn't a library good enough, or there is nothing that does it in the way that you want by all means create it yourself. (And share it if possible).

On the other hand, if you are doing it for fun then you can start where it interests you.

As you say, there are a lot of free good libraries out there. If you can learn them and make them work together then you can do some amazing things.

I haven't made a game, or a game engine but these libraries are the ones that interest me. As I am aware they are all open source and all can be used in a commercial program (LGPL or similar).

I personally am not completely satisfied with the game scripting libraries out there at the moment, so that is what I am working towards.

OpenGL (Obviously)
OpenAL (3D sound, other sound stuff)
DevIL (Image loading, modification)
ODE (Rigid body simulation)
Opcode (Optimised 3D collision library)
zziplib (.pak type file achives for resources)
glfw (Creating gl context on multiple platforms, maybe for input handling. Timers.)
HawkNL (Networking code)
freetype (Display of fonts, text)

There are other lists (more specific) in the faqs of the different topics in gamedev

Good luck!

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