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Storybase is available on eBay

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Storybase Software for Writers is a great story development resource for game developers. Storybase is the world's only dictionary of essential human situations. The Situations avoid culture and gender specific conventions, thus they are 'primal' or 'archetypal' and can be used as the basis for any type of story. Storybase contains thousands of well-written Situations. Here are some examples: In order to gain an advantage, Alex deprives Chris of an important resource Amid chaos, Alex finds a place to hide Alex conserves energy for one final attempt Alex pretends to have what Pat is looking for Storybase allows you to substitute your character's names for 'Alex,' 'Pat' and Chris. The Situations in Storybase are indexed according to the Mindset of the characters and the Thrust, or action, of the situation. Thus it is easy to find Situations that match the type of story you are trying to develop. Storybase doesn't write your story for you. It merely provides suggestions upon which you will project the contents of your subconscious. In this way, Storybase opens you up to a wider field of creativity. Here's what Rick Goodman, founder of Stainless Steel Studios and the man responsible for Empire Earth and Age of Empires, had to say about Storybase: "Using Storybase I made a list of 194 'Situations' and then put on my thinking cap. The next day, yesterday, I started to work on a plot and was done, the same day. I showed it to my associate and he really liked it. Now, I am not a writer, I know nothing about story writing, or story telling. Yet, my colleague liked the plot I wrote better than any other submission we had received from the pros. "So, I am now writing the next couple of plots. It's a personal challenge for me because I have never done this before, but it's also rewarding to see that I can create plots which are better than some of the industry professionals. And, the inspiration for all my plot lines came from Storybase. A million thanks, my friend!" Learn more about Storybase at www.storybase.net. Storybase typically sells for $99 but it is avaiable for as low as $59 on eBay. In the name of full disclosure, I am the author of Storybase and I am the one running the auction on eBay.

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