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Where is article 16 of "Code on the Cob"?

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I did actually write an article 16, but Loonygames itself went on hiatus for a while so it never got posted. I didn''t bother trying to propogate it beyond that though, since it didn''t say much; basically that I was putting a premature end to the series due to time constraint issues and other things.

I didn''t bother finishing the breakout clone mentioned prior to that, since 1) it was hideously boring and 2) it didn''t affect the purpose of the series, i.e. showing how to organize architectures to build a complete game. Even without the example game, the point of the series seemed to get across to a good number of people anyway, and they''ve been able to create their own (more interesting) games as a result... so I didn''t break too much of a sweat when I didn''t finish the clone, as it wouldn''t have made much of a difference.

I didn''t like the fact that I had to give the series a premature cutoff, but in general I was happy with the way things went. Apparently most of the folks I''ve talked to about the series got the important information out of it, and that''s what matters most.

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I was one of the people who followed the series religiously when it first started. I learned a great deal from it and expanded on some parts of it, including a graphical console that dropped down from the top of the screen Quake-style.

I have since gone back to my favourite language (Delphi) and started creating my own game engine. Some parts of the engine are based heavily on the sub-systems in Chris'' series, especially input. I re-implemented and expanded on the receiver list system, giving my engine an unparalleled flexibility with input.

Even if the series was not finished properly, it did achieve a great deal for those who read and studied the issues that were published. I for one was very grateful for Chris'' efforts in producing the series.

Steve 'Sly' Williams
Tools Developer
Krome Studios

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