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FragmentLinker - Crashes on creation

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Hi, Im pretty clueless to why this is happening - you can try it yourself. When i execute the code below I get a "DirectXException." Any ideas why this is happening? I'm doing the same as the SDK example, but mine seems to crash...
#region Using directives

using System;
using System.Text;

using Microsoft.DirectX;
using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D;


namespace Fraction_Test
    public class Thing : System.Windows.Forms.Form
        public Thing()
            PresentParameters Params = new PresentParameters();
            Params.SwapEffect = SwapEffect.Discard;
            Params.Windowed = true;

            Device Dev = new Device(0, DeviceType.Hardware, this, CreateFlags.SoftwareVertexProcessing,

            FragmentLinker fragmentLinker = new FragmentLinker(Dev, 0);
            GraphicsStream Fragments = FragmentLinker.GatherFragmentsFromString(@"
float4x4 matWorld;
float4x4 matWVP;

// Name : Basic Transformation
// Type : Vertex Shader (Fragment)
// Desc : Just transforms the vertices, light the fixed pipeline.
void BasicTransformation( float4 vPosObject: POSITION,
                          float3 vNormalObject: NORMAL,
                          float2 vTexCoordIn: TEXCOORD0,
                          out float4 vPosWorld: r_PosWorld,
                          out float3 vNormalWorld: r_NormalWorld,
                          out float4 vPosProj: POSITION,
                          out float2 vTexCoordOut: TEXCOORD0
    vPosWorld = mul( vPosObject, matWorld );
    vPosProj = mul( vPosObject, matWVP );
    vNormalWorld = mul( vNormalObject, (float3x3)g_mWorld );
    vTexCoordOut = vTexCoordIn;
vertexfragment BasicTransformation = compile_fragment vs_1_1 Projection();", ShaderFlags.None);

        public static void Main()
            Thing app = new Thing();
Any ideas? Thanks, - aCiD2

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