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Doom3 Font problems (Source included + PICTURE)

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Greetings! Since i do not know how could I include a Image file i have to describe my problem. My problem is, when I read the .DAT file for font metrics from Doom3 - everything you need is included in DOOM3 SDK - some characters get like one pixel disorted in any direction. How comes? I asume some UV problems. If anyone loaded and rendered DOOM3 fonts correctly IN DIRECT3D please give me some hints. Here is the code:

typedef struct {
	int					height;			// number of scan lines
	int					top;			// top of glyph in buffer
	int					bottom;			// bottom of glyph in buffer
	int					pitch;			// width for copying
	int					xSkip;			// x adjustment
	int					imageWidth;		// width of actual image
	int					imageHeight;	// height of actual image
	float				s;				// x offset in image where glyph starts
	float				t;				// y offset in image where glyph starts
	float				s2;
	float				t2;
	const int *	glyph;			// shader with the glyph *prej je bilo = idMaterial
	char				shaderName[32];
} glyphInfo_t;

typedef struct {
	glyphInfo_t			glyphs [256];
	float				glyphScale;
	char				name[64];
} fontInfo_t;

typedef struct {
	fontInfo_t			fontInfoSmall;
	fontInfo_t			fontInfoMedium;
	fontInfo_t			fontInfoLarge;
	int					maxHeight;
	int					maxWidth;
	int					maxHeightSmall;
	int					maxWidthSmall;
	int					maxHeightMedium;
	int					maxWidthMedium;
	int					maxHeightLarge;
	int					maxWidthLarge;
	char				name[64];
} fontInfoEx_t;

const int SMALLCHAR_WIDTH		= 8;
const int SMALLCHAR_HEIGHT		= 16;
const int BIGCHAR_WIDTH			= 16;
const int BIGCHAR_HEIGHT		= 16;

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