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A question about XFile animation matrix!

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In d3dsamples "SkinnedMesh" code line 1363, there were: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// D3DXFRAME_DERIVED *pFrame = (D3DXFRAME_DERIVED*)pFrameBase; if (pParentMatrix != NULL) D3DXMatrixMultiply(&pFrame->CombinedTransformationMatrix, &pFrame->TransformationMatrix, pParentMatrix); else pFrame->CombinedTransformationMatrix = pFrame->TransformationMatrix; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// note the "TransformationMatrix", this is my question at. At first, I think the "TransformationMatrix" is the current frame Animation matrix, it should be pick from "AnimationSet" segment directly. But when I output the matrix data, I found it does no estimated such. So, in other words, the "TransformationMatrix" matrix must be passed other calculation when D3DXLibrary load the file. Is it such? If is, how to calculate a correct one? [Edited by - coollofty on February 14, 2005 8:41:12 AM]

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