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cant find tiff.dll

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Arg iv asked sooo many questions today :P hopfully this well be the last for a while, im using sdl_image to load .png textures and then convert them to an opengl texture then draw them on screen, everything seems to work fine, it compiles fine, but when i run the program it gives an error saying it needs "tiff.dll" to run, iv been looking EVERYWERE for that .dll, iv found one but it seems to be the wrong one(not for sdl) does anyone know were i can get this file? Please this is driving me insane! :)

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hmm well i tryed that, and now it says
"The application or DLL tiff.dll is not a valid windows image, please check this agaisnt you installation diskette"
any ideas?
Edit: if it helps im using DevC++

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Ok you can try to do this.

1. In Dev-CPP go to "Tools->Check For Updates\Packages".

2. Now in the new menu, change the "Select DevPak Mirror" from "" to " Community DevPaks".

3. Now click on "Check For Updates".

4. When the list is generated, scroll down until you see "SDL_Image".

5. It will have a version of "1.2.4notiff".

6. Put a check box in there and download. If it tells you need more libs, download those as well before you try this one again. I needed to get zlib, and jpg.

7. It should auto install afterwards.

8. Now you will be using the package without TIFF support, thus not needing tiff.dll.

9. Also you can try downloading the other 1.2.4 w/tiff. It *should* come with the .dll you need. That or get the libtiff and see if that has the .dll you need as well.

- Drew

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