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target line

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I am trying to simulate a target locator line to show which way my aircraft needs to fly in order to find the ground target. Right now, I have no problems if the target is straight ahead and I am not banking right nor left. The problem arises when my target is aft of my aircraft and I am banking right or left. Instead of directing me to fly to the right (I am banking right), it directs me to dive down (I will crash to the ground if I follow the line). Hope that the illustration below helps to see the problem clearer. wrong display for banking right: + | correct display for banking right: +-- The "+" sign is the origin where the target locator vector starts.

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Can you just restrict the test to the ground plane, and have your target locator respond to that? Let's say the ground plane is xy. Then:

Vector2 planePos(plane.pos.x, plane.pos.y);
Vector2 planeDir(plane.dir.x, plane.dir.y);
Vector2 targetPos(target.pos.x, target.pos.y);
Vector2 diff = targetPos - planePos;
float dot = planeDir.PerpDot(diff); // perp dot is a.x * -b.y + a.y * b.x
if (dot < 0.0f)
// Target indicator points left
else if (dot > 0.0f)
// Target indicator points right
// Target indicator off (unlikely)

Anyway, that's based on my understanding of the problem, but I may not be getting it exactly.

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