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I search tutorials on bsp and correlated issues...

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I have a BSP tutorial on my site which i like to think is very in depth and comes complete with downloadable source code.

The tutorial covers the creation of a Solid NOde Tree and shows how to use it for fast collision detection

My website is called:-


The tutorial you want is in the

Tutorials/VSD & Rendering Section

Hope you find it of some use.


PS. Also i am currently writing the Second BSP tutorial that will deal with more advanced topics such as Creating a PVS for a BSP tree to speed up rendering.I have the code working perfectly now so i am currently in the process of making it nice and tidy and writing the tutorial.

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Gazza, not to be a critic, but I notice 2 major problems with your demo.

1.) Only does collision detection on forward movement (get stuck in walls =))

2.) Kind of uhm.... messy (sory, im just a kind of "neat" programmer.

Over all, I did find that your tutorial/explanation and demo code were quite good though, and actually I believe it is probably one of the best examples I have found for implementation written in Direct3D.


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Actually the source code does support collision in both directions i have just never got around to recompiling the exe since updating it.

1) It takes ONE line to add collision in both directions and anyone who has understood any of the tutorial should not find adding this a MAJOR problem anyway.

2)I may not be the Neatest programmer in the world but at least i am willing to spend HUGE amounts of my time writing tutorials to help others instead of just criticising.

You are ofcourse entitled to your own opinion BUT i wa stating that the tutorial is there IF you want to use it and it MAY be of some help.

Also, my pet hate is code that is encapsulated in a Class just for the sake of it.Wrapping everything up is indeed neater but sometimes harder to actually see whats happening to the beginner.

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To the original poster:

I''ve found a neat java applet showing BSP tree nodes and you can also interact with it by drawing lines. Go here:http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~sariel/TA/wcg98b/bsp/BSP.html and have fun

To Gazza:

I read your BSP article and can''t thank you enough. You did an excellent job far and beyond of my expectation. I can''t wait to read your excellent tutorials. I''ve just completed a simple 2D csg program not using bsp but edge tracing techniques and am going to do the same thing using bsp trees. Your article has opened my eyes to the world of bsp trees.

Thank you.

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Thanks alot JD

I am currently writing the second part of the BSP Tutorial series on my site which i hope to finished this month sometime.

I already have the code working and its pretty cool.The tutorial will teach how to :-

1) Make a SOLID LEAF BSP TREE compiler and renderer

2) Calculate a PVS Set to REALLY speed things up

3) Frustum rejection of remaining Leafs (in PVS SET)

I am really happy with how it is all working atm, so i will be starting to write the actual tutorial document hopefully by the end of this week.Will probably take me two intense weeks to write though because this tutorial is going to be massive because of the amount of subject matter involved.

It will ofcourse come with downloadable source files and exe''s to show it off.

PS:ETNU , i will try to make this code a little tidier

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Just want to say thanks for the exelent tutorial. I was making
a game just like your example and finding the tutorial couldnt
have come at a better time.
Just to show you how easy to understand it is I am only 15 and and havent even started A level maths yet.

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Gazza, could you put on your site a zip file contauining the tutorial and the images to view offline?

I haven''t read the tutorial because i''m coding a 3ds importer for my engine... but i''was wondering of the use of a bsp...

Are bsp used only for walls aspects?

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