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need help on implementing Octree

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Can anyone just game me idea on how to implement Octree in DX? maybe just gave me the pseudocode.. Ive implemented my level using directX Mesh. Just gave me step by step idea on how to do this. I cant find any tutorial on the net for Octree that uses DX Mesh. here are some list about octree that im confused: a)do we still need to get the Vertices of each Mesh in every frame? to build the Octree b) how to assign a vertex/polygon to an octree node? c) how to test collision in Octree? we just need to check if we collide with the bounding box? hope u guys an help me on this

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Just wrote a small essay on the subject on the thread neneboricua19 just mentioned.

Hope it helps.

In fact i believe neneboricua19 helped me out when i was stuck on mine, could be wrong.

Edit: Should have read it properly the first time.

Collisions: if your bounding volume is inside the octree node (bounding volume), test them against the triangles in that node. Look into spheres for the octree node and your bounding volume.

Laters again. hehe

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