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Level editor in VB

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Zantagor    130
I was wondering, how hard would it be to make a level editor in VB that would use Direct3D for a WYSIWYG type of editor? Like, keep the fonctionality of VB (buttons, etc...) but having a part of the app display a D3D view of the level, in which you can "pick" the objects to delete or add... only samples I saw here was about making a game with VB using DX... but I don't really need a tight loop for this kind of thing, since no animations(besides moving the camera from time to time) would be necessary. Any thought about this?

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jollyjeffers    1570
It is perfectly possible - I've done a lot of VB6/DX programming, and it was always reasonably easy to do. If you're using VB.Net and Managed DirectX it gets easier - the frameworks and samples that come with MDX are a lot better than for VB6.

Just remember, that the general issues are the same as C/C++, picking, moving and other camera manipulations always boil down to mathematics, not language. For the most part you can save yourself the hassle and use D3DX.

Also, don't underestimate the difficulties involved in getting camera movement and object picking working well, it can be a pretty complex problem at times [smile].

hth, and best of luck with your project.

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