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OpenGL Display lists in OpenGL

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If I have 100-600 identical objects each with 10-20 triangles, would it be faster to render them as a display list or without. When I render them without, I render them all in one glBegin/End block, because I translate them by hand and send the card the final coords. Basicly, which is faster? THIS: glBegin(); renderobject(1); renderobject(2); renderobject(3); .... glEnd(); OR THIS: glTranslatef(); glCallList(); glTranslatef(); glCallList(); glTranslatef(); glCallList(); .... Right now I''m doing the first approach, and want to know if it''s possible to get a higher frame rate with the second. Thanks, wolfman8k

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Display list should be faster on nearly any OpenGL implementation out there.

Display lists have been created to optimise numerous identical objects reproduction.
(wheels of a car in a race game...)


-* So many things to do, so little time to spend. *-

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