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Its late and I'm out of resources. I can't find anything to tell me one way or the other, but does this code snippet look right to you? //Grab the adjacency info DWORD* AdjacencyArray = (DWORD*)pAdjacencyBuffer->GetBufferPointer(); m_MeshContainer.pAdjacency = new DWORD[(pAdjacencyBuffer->GetBufferSize()/4)]; //Copy the adjacency info over for(DWORD i = 0; i < pAdjacencyBuffer->GetBufferSize()/4; i++) { m_MeshContainer.pAdjacency[i] = AdjacencyArray[i]; } //Release the adjacency buffer; we no longer need it pAdjacencyBuffer->Release(); Esentially, all I'm doing is grabbing the adjacency info out of the buffer returned by LoadSkinMesh and sticking it in the DWORD* for adjacency in MeshContainer. Is there a better way? Does this work? Thanks in advance.

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