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New Gameplay and game ideas, Could really use some feedback!

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Its Long, you are warned:) This is an idea I have been toying around with for a little while, as u will see :P (its controls are described for the xbox) I was watching Troy the other night, being deeply enthrawled by the fight scenes when I concluded that it would make for an awesome video game (bear with me now, this is really long, but very thought out). There is no video game available with the diversity in fighting styles that Achilles displays. Why? too difficult to control that much action at once? I don't think so. Here goes: Imagine playing the scene in Troy when the Mermen (Achilles' band) breaches the shores of Troy. you have your basic controls of left stick is to move (just like POPWW, right stick is move view/camera/turn/whatever u wanna call it The white and black buttons throw away/sheath/unsheath weapons to the corresponding side The y button switches the weapon in hand or picks up weapons when available The x and b buttons change depending on stance The a button is a jump button The left trigger would control the left arm (which would have the shield) The right trigger would contol the right arm (which would hold a weapon, lets say a spear) As you charge into battle you block an attack with your shield, pushing the enemy off balance slightly where you can then strike them with your spear (this is a combination of moving towards the enemy as you press L trigger, then R trigger). By pressing the a button, then the r trigger, your character will jump into the air and strike an enemy. Pressing the x or b button in conjuction with either the l or r triggers will result in different attacks depending on what is in each hand. After you get tired of battling through hoardes of soldiers with your spear (in your right hand)you can either toss it to the side (the black button) or hurl it at an enemy (black + r trigger). Now you are weaponless, right? not necessarily. There are a huge number of options here: A) in the event that you are about to be attacked on the right side, you can shift your shield from your left hand to your right hand by pressing y + left trigger. Then you block by pressing the right trigger. B) you opt to pick up a weapon from one of the many fallen soldiers on the ground. simply press the y button and the character will pick it up and put it in an unoccupied hand, in this case the right C) if you have seen troy then you know that Achilles always had a sword in his shield. press the black button to unsheath this sword. press it again to sheath it (i know what you are thinking: how can black throw away a spear, or any weapon for that matter, and unsheath/resheath this sword? easy. The sword and shield are permenant). D) if the shield is on your left arm and you press the white button the shield will be swung onto the back. this also means nobody can strike you from behind and leaves you with two open hands. press white again to bring shield to the left arm or, if the right arm is unoccupied, press black and it will swing around to the left. SHIELD FIGHTING I want to make a note that it was the shield fighting that got me into this. That is one of the possibilities with the x,b + l trigger combos. A SPECIAL COMBO What would be really cool would be if with said special combo ( which i had as just a jump and strike, but i am going to run with your idea) had a sort of cinematic quality. moreso than in POPWW. time could slow as you leap in the air and the screen rotates to give a better view(and more detailed than a regular strike, unlike POPWW) of the strike. then as the character lands, time gains its momentum to regular speed and you can see the enemys pain and anguish as it pauses its action, realizes its fate, then falls to the ground. Cool, huh? DUELING I would like to have parts of the game be very similar to the duel between achilles and hector. These fights would probably have the same controls. I envision them being far more cinematic in quality of graphics and timing. I want to have the camera switch positions and even roam (not sparatically, but when certain actions are performed). I want to see the sun beating down on the characters. I want you to feel the heat of the sand when it touches the skin. The blood must trickle out of small cuts and ooze out of larger open wounds. i want to see the sweat fall from their bodies. (all very impossible, i know) I want you to be able to control the character well, but when you beat the enemy down enough, there should be little mini-cinematic moments that don't break the game play. I want there to be spitefull banter between the two characters, and not just random phrases like "your mine". I want it to be affected by what is going on. Say your character says something to the extent of "youll have to do better than that", then he gets caught off gaurd and barely recovers. Either your character needs to have a response that shows his elevated adrenaline leves, or the enemy must taunt him in a manner fitting of the situation. I know i am ambitious. I know i have an eye that sees things that cant be done. I just think that no-one has thought like this before and followed through with it. GAMEPLAY I want fluidity. i want it to be so fast-paced that you actually feel like time is slowing down (anyone who has played Zone of Enders 2 knows what I mean). I get into video games easily, i always have. I do know the difference between a game that i get into and a game that draws you in. If it draws you in, then you feel like everything is actually happening to you. Your adrenaline rushes, you wince when you get hit, you put yourself in the character and make a connection that other people make with movies or books. Enough of my “into the game” stuff. TO AUTO-LOCK, OR NOT TO AUTO-LOCK I have a question about an auto-lock though. If there was an auto-lock, then there wouldn’t be the problem of when an enemy moves out of the way, you keep attacking in a straight line. In a game where the entire system of control is based on having total control of the characters body (i would love to work in some form of kicking. probably with the x and b button combo's), is going to actually be more restricting to have an autolock? No doubt that it would be helpfull in controlling an attack, but would it actually hinder the freeform fighting system HORSEBACK Someone mentioned riding horseback to me; and yes, horseback would be cool. Especially for the dynamic angles that could be used. with the right lighting, a horseback screen shot could look freaking awesome. it has been my experience that most games with horseback riding in it don't have a good system of control. It always feels very rough in its movement, which is the exact opposite of what I am going for. If done with the right controls, that could be the high point of most any adventure/RPG/war/tactical style game. I wonder, if the steering of the horse was more like the steering of a motorcycle would it make for a better experience. Then again, it might seem too far off from what it is to ride a horse. Hmm . . . MY COMMENTS AND CRITIQUES ABOUT MY IDEA: gameplay You know, this game is starting to sound an awful lot like Dynasty Warriors (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). The only problem I have with dynasty warriors is that the gameplay is so repetitive. You find a big mass of enemies, keep using the same combo till all 50-70 of the enemies are dead, move somewhere else, use the same combo on 100 more enemies, rinse and repeat for 40 minutes until you beat the level. I want this game to have a much larger variety. Maybe my control system, along with the ability to get new weapons in battle and switch weapons will help. viewpoint The other thing i noticed about dw, and maybe it is just me, is that I don't feel connected to the character. I see him/her from a birds eye view that doesn't put me in the action. Now there is no way that this could be first person, and i don't want it to be either, but i do want the player to feel like he is in the battle. perhaps being closer to the character, aside from being more visually enticing due to the greater detail, will bring the player in deeper, too. A problem arises that i know wouldn't bother me, but it might make others a little peeved (i hate the word peeved. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!). If the camera is placed closer to the character, the ability to see attacks coming is reduced. Some might feel like they can't tell what is going on around them. Thank you for reading all of this. If you don’t have a headache by now, then I would really appreciate any comments, critiques, or out and out angry cussouts. Any feedback will be much appreciated. ---Mattchoo Copyright 2005.

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