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Tile Engine

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What is the basis of a tile engine? Say I want to create a Super Mario style... do I create many screens which are 640x480 wide, and simply clip them? I want to avoid wide surfaces at all costs since they''re not widely supported.

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Although that method is possible, It is not generally implemented due to several factors. I won''t go into the details of why.

The better way is to create smaller "tiles" such as 16x16 images or 32x32. Then, you just have to "tile" them together to create a larger image that can be any size.

You could have a tile of a brick, another of a coin, grass, ice, etc... anything you can imagine. Even your characters can be made of a tile or multiple tiles.

"Tiling" them together is when you place multiple tiles next to each other to create a larger image.

The larger image is usually implemented by using a "map". Probably the most simple way is the use of a 2d array.

Etc: 2d array

0 = sky
1 = cloud
2 = grass
3 = dirt

Imaging the numbers being replaced by a 16x16 image of what it represents.... there you go!

Happy coding,

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