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Feedback needed

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We're looking to do another update to our game Acamar Campaign. We need your help. If you all could play it and give us feedback that would be great. Let us know what features would make it better and so on. Reply here or in our forum, on our webpage. Just make sure you have all the latest video card drivers and latest directx 9 to run the game. Beteogames.com Thanks everyone!

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Well here is what I have to say. I will just list and get to the point.

* Great graphics.
* Awesome sound.
* Nice special effects (lens flare, explosions).
* Straightforward gameplay.

* No mouse usage for opening menu.
* Input was not 100% responsive.
* No options past startup program before game launches.
* No 'help' screen that tells you controls.
* Gameplay is a little too staright forward.
* Sound length for a particular sound annoying.

Ok now for some explanations. I thought it was a good game to begin with. I loved the music. I liked the startup launcher that let me pick the options. However I did not apprrciate the fact that I could not change them once the game started. I had no idea how 'sensitive' the mouse would be until in game. When I wanted to change it I couldn't. I saw the help screen when the game level was starting, but I could not access it, so I was playing 'blind' I knew that B was buy from the voice and how to move, but that's it. I'd say you need to add in a "Help" menu item when they press escape, as typical for most games. The game ran fine FPS wise for me. However, the input seemed non-responsive for menus and mouse movements at times.

Biggest complaint is when you have low shields or attack the base too much, a little 'siren' goes off. This was ok at first, but it kepy on playing for a few minutes. It was very annoying and I almost quit them game then so I wouldn't have to hear it. I would suggest making it loop maybe once and that's it. Flassh the shileds display to let them know that the shileds are low, but once you know they are low, you do not need continous remiders.

As for game play it is really simple. Shoot the asteroids. However, it gets really boring fast. There needs to be some 'action'! I played until level 5 and the game play was too repetive. It reminded me the tedious task of 'mining the asteroid fileds' in FreeLancer for gold, except I got money here instead. There is no real strategy involved, just avoid and shoot. You get money for every kill, then buy the next weapon and that's it. There's no real 'fun factor' invloved. I would have to think about what I would like to see added, but one thing that I think would make it fun is faster game play. I'm talking about being able to launch salvos of missiles at enemies while avoiding their fire and dodging the asteroids.

Definitly a great game, but let me say you need a lot more for people to want to love it. I know the classic asteroids is a lot boring than this, but it is a lot simplier as well. Feel free to ask me about anything else or if you want to respond to my commentary. Here are my system specs:

Intel P4 3.2GHZ
1GB Ram
Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 128 MB by PowerColor
200 GB HD

- Drew Benton

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Hey thats great! I appreciate the feedback. As for the siren going off? I don't think it's supposed to do that. I'm not sure exactly what you meant by that. As for the other stuff. We were considering putting in some AI and making it a little more space combat rather than just asteroids. How about some sort of multiplayer? Anyway thanks a lot for the feedback. It's very helpful.

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Well I do not know about the multiplayer, but it could make it more fun. Co-op gameplay is always fun, maybe a little CTF [wink]. As for what I was talking about the siren, it seems to have been either a freak bug or just my bad luck. I could not get it to happen in the first level. What did happen though was it sounded like a sound was stuck in a loop, but I do not know really. Anyways gald to have helped. Good luck with the game.

- Drew

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