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Does C# have a equivelant VB.NET InputBox()?

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.NET doesn't provide a InputBox(), but you could make one yourself:

public static InputBoxResult Show(string prompt, string title, string defaultResponse,
InputBoxValidatingHandler validator, int xpos, int ypos) {
using (InputBox form = new InputBox()) {
form.labelPrompt.Text = prompt;
form.Text = title;
form.textBoxText.Text = defaultResponse;
if (xpos >= 0 && ypos >= 0) {
form.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.Manual;
form.Left = xpos;
form.Top = ypos;
form.Validator = validator;

DialogResult result = form.ShowDialog();

InputBoxResult retval = new InputBoxResult();
if (result == DialogResult.OK) {
retval.Text = form.textBoxText.Text;
retval.OK = true;
return retval;

public static InputBoxResult Show(string prompt, string title, string defaultText,
InputBoxValidatingHandler validator) {
return Show(prompt, title, defaultText, validator, -1, -1);


private  void buttonTest_Click(object  sender, System.EventArgs e) {
InputBoxResult result = InputBox.Show("Test prompt:", "Some title", "Default text", null);
if (result.OK) {
textBox1.Text = result.Text;

I found that one using the good ol' Google. Hope it helps!

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