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Prospective online resource for Managed DirectDraw

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I am placing a call to maybe one or two people with experience in Managed DirectX, preferably (sp) in C# to put together information for an online resource about Managed DirectX. I am trying to learn C# and DirectDraw and am having a very tough time finding any decent resources besides this forum to get information that is useful and so I would like to put together a very small team to write about how to use Managed DirectX. I would love to include Direct3D but I do not know how to even begin doing 3D stuff. Anyways...I am looking for 2-3 individuals who would be highly motivated to doing this. I have webspace to put it on and it does not need to be anything fancy. Perhaps a few articles, tutorials, samples etc. email : aim : kriscrpi msn : Thank you for your time! ~John Sedlak

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