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Pixel Artist looking for work.

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Original post by Wiz7896
Hey guys, Nice community ya got here. Anyway I'm lookin for a little work on the side, So if anyone is looking for a good pixel artist (I specialize in RPGs) then lemme know. Here is my portfolio Here!
I couldn't tell what kind of project you're insterested in helping out on. So I'll post anyway..

I'm developing an entry for PDROMS' shoot'em up compo.
The project is neither large nor all that serious but it would be nice to get my hands on a few sprites and background tiles (I have two nice looking ships already from a previous project, but that's about it). The primary advantage being that it has a good chance of getting released no matter what state it's in.

Oh, it's a GBA game and I have a (kinda) basic engine up and running already. Drop me a PM if you're interested.

Nice sprites BTW. Seems like a game I would play =)

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