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Scratchy music problem

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Hello, I'm (still) having a bit of trouble with the background music in a java app. I used the JApplet and AudioClip classes to play the midi files I downloaded and I put them in their own Thread to play in the background. At run-time the tracks start to play fine but after a while(like a few minutes) they begin to sound scratchy and distorted. At some stages the music stops altogether, this in turn creates a bottle neck and it brings my whole system to a stand still. What the heck is going on, am I running too many threads at once or is it just not possible to do this in a java application? Can somebody please help me out here? Aaaaaaaaaaaahh! It sucks that things don't work! [Edited by - Keybot on February 17, 2005 1:38:23 PM]

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